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What do we do?

We use modern blockchain technology to help you register and get provenance for your art.

How do we register your art?

We combine high performance Private Blockchain with Face ID or biometrics already present in your smart phone. There is no need for complicated passwords. You can upload images or videos of your art. You can include audio description of special features unique to your art. Your files are bulletproof safe and cannot be tampered


"Blockchain" – A new data storage technology with added benefits. Data is copied and synchronized at multiple sites and is safe from hacking or tampering. The full history of changes to the data is always registered in the database.


"Provenance" - You, the art creator or collector, can upload high resolution detailed images of the art. We believe that the best use of blockchain technology is recording real world valuable items. The blockchain can store any data, images, videos and pdf documents. Do you already have an expert evaluation of a piece of art you own? Simply upload your certificate and store it forever as part of the files related (chained) to that item.


"Record ownership transfer on the blockchain, " - an easy process will allow you to document transfer of ownership on the blockchain. Think of this as a democratized car registry (aka DMV). You don't need or want a government department keeping records of collectible works of art; the new blockchain technology enables you (and other artists or art collectors) to participate and replace the centralized old paradigm.

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